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Waterford, Michigan

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Alpha Team Challenge Information


Race length will be approximately 1.5 miles over a cross country course, each handler and dog team will travel through water, over fallen trees, face challenges, and conquer obstacles of various kinds.


Tournament Rules and FAQ

• The Alpha Team Challenge is an event geared toward all dog trainers and handlers, regardless of breed and discipline in which you might normally participate with your dog.

• Entries are open to all breeds, including mixed breed dogs. 

For working dogs there will be protection scenarios. Dogs not trained to bite will get an equally timed task at those locations.

• You may run as many dogs as you wish, one at a time.

• You may complete the course at your speed of choice and comfort.

• Teams will be sent onto the course at 5 minute intervals to best avoid jams at obstacles.

• If passing a team, please do so away from an obstacle in order to prevent any incidents. Please be courteous.

• You may skip any obstacle, but will incur a time penalty for each obstacle skipped.

• Minimum age for dogs is 10 months.

• All work is ON LEASH.

• Collars allowed: Pinch/prong, choke, flat, fur saver, or harness. No E-Collars.

• Judging will be based time of the dog and handler team. Time penalties will be given for not completing a challenge.

• Gun fire blanks (22 caliber) may be utilized. 

• Anyone displaying abuse to their dog or displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified and banned from competing.

• Dogs MUST be on a leash at all times while on the property. 

• Competitors do not have to be members of any organization. 

• Use of food treats to motivate your dog while on course is not allowed. You may use a ball or tug with your dog.

• We highly recommend bringing a change of clothes. You WILL get wet.


Entry Information



3 Men's and Women's Divisions Offered


The fastest time in each division will place.

Trophy for the fastest overall Men's and Fastest overall Women's.