The Michigan K-9 Challenge

All breed protection dog tournament with 3 levels of competition.

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The Alpha Team Challenge

This unique event tests the teamwork and skills of you and your canine teammate. From the dog owner who just enjoys exploring with their dog to the serious Dog Sports competitor and even Police K9 Units, here is your chance to prove that you and your dog have what it takes.

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SDA Ultimate Dog Sport Trial

SDA is a Titling program for protection, obedience, tracking & search dog.

Service Dogs of America is dedicated to developing, preserving, and using a canine's natural instincts, 
intelligence, and tractability to perform meaningful, utilitarian tasks for mankind. 
Its goal is to use proven common-sense methods for training both canine and handler while maximizing the social, 
family orientation, and sport aspects of dog training. In addition the SDA program enables the evaluation of a canine's working ability,
maintaining and improving breeding stock to conform to the breed's original purpose and function.

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