SDA (Service Dogs of America)

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SDA is a Titling program for protection, obedience, tracking & search dog.

Service Dogs of America is dedicated to developing, preserving, and using a canine's natural instincts, 
intelligence, and tractability to perform meaningful, utilitarian tasks for mankind. 
Its goal is to use proven common-sense methods for training both canine and handler while maximizing the social, 
family orientation, and sport aspects of dog training. In addition the SDA program enables the evaluation of a canine's working ability,
maintaining and improving breeding stock to conform to the breed's original purpose and function.

Titles offered:

▪ One practical basic obedience title (Family-Obedienc FO), which is a prerequisite to the other protection and obedience titles offered.

▪ Three progressively advanced obedience titles (OB1, OB2, OB3).

▪ One non-gripping protection alert title (PA) for personal and family protection.

▪ Seven gripping protection titles (P1, P1S, P1M, P2, P2S, P3, P3S) for personal and family protection.

▪ Three gripping police dog titles (PD1, PD2, PD3).

▪ Three tracking titles (Tracking 1 [T1], Tracking 2 [T2], Master Track [MT]).