Michigan K-9 Challenge Tournament Rules

• The Michigan K-9 Challenge is an event geared toward all dog trainers and handlers, regardless of breed and discipline in which you might normally participate with your dog.

• Competitors do not have to be members of any organization. 

• Entries are open to all breeds, including mixed breed dogs. 

• You may enter as many classes as you wish as well as run as many dogs as you wish.

• There will be three levels of competition. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Click here to make sure you are entering the appropriate level.

• All work in the beginners level is ON LEASH, including the obedience.

• Intermediate and Advanced levels, the dog will be off leash. The Intermediate and Advanced obedience will contain different distractions.

• The Advanced level of competition is sequestered. 

• Collars allowed: Pinch/prong, choke, flat, fur saver, or harness. No E-Collars.

• Decoy distraction will increase at each level. For example, at the beginner level the decoys will be in sight of the dog, sitting, standing, or walking around. In the intermediate class the decoys will be more vocal, talking or slightly arguing with each other and the handler. There will be more movement such as running past or up to the dog - handler team. In the Advanced class the decoys will be yelling at each other and the handler and will be much more aggressive and they will be moving around more.

• Judging will be based on the efficiency of the dog. Penalties will be given for extra commands, corrections, tight leash, forging, lagging, wide heeling, etc.

• The protection portion will be judged with points given or lost based on accuracy, control, willingness to engage, and to out on command.

• All decoys will be wearing a full body suit. There will be no penalty for dogs that bite arms, or legs.  Bites will not be "fed" to the dog, and the decoy will not "freeze" on the outs, except for the Beginner level.

• Gun fire blanks (22 caliber) may be utilized. 

• Scenarios: Backwoods K-9 members will not know the scenarios until day of the trial. The scenarios will be known only to the trial directors until the day of the trial.

• Anyone displaying abuse to their dog or displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified and banned from competing.

• Dogs MUST be on a leash at all times while on the property unless actively competing in the ring. 

• The same dog can only win awards or trophies in 2 highest consecutive levels entered. For example: You can enter all three levels but can only place in Intermediate and Advanced. Or, You may enter Beginner and Advanced but can only place in Advanced.

• Dogs that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Beginning and/or Intermediate level MUST move up to the next higher level the following year.

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