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What level should I enter with my dog?



Please use the following guidelines to ensure that you enter your dog in the CORRECT level of competition

The Beginners level is for dogs and handlers that are still training ON LEASH developing their working skills. If your dog is trained in OFF LEASH OBEDIENCE, it is NOT a beginner. If your dog is TITLED in ANY biting sport such as Schutzhund/IPO, Ring Sport (French, Mondio, Belgian), PSA, SDA, K9 Pro Sports, UKC Dog Sport, or anything similar, it is NOT a beginner.  If you are a professional dog trainer and advertise yourself as “competing with your dog at a regional & national level”, you are NOT a beginner.

Please be fair and considerate and enter the proper level so that ALL may enjoy their trialing experience. Please do not take away someone else’s pleasure by entering an advanced dog at the beginning level. Let the beginners have a level playing field while competing against those of similar skills! 

This is fun-for-all competition. Entering a SchH/IPO or Ring Sport titled dog as a beginner to gain unfair advantage in the competition will not be allowed.  If the judges determine (based on their opinion only) you have entered the wrong category (i.e. entered “a ringer”), your score may be nullified WITHOUT entry fee refund. The judges will determine at their discretion whether you may continue to compete at the proper level of entry. 


Levels based on the previous year's placements.


Past year’s competitors (handler with SAME dog) in Beginning and Intermediate level that placed FIRST, SECOND or THIRD in their class entered MUST move up to the next higher level. Teams placing FIRST, SECOND or THIRD in Advanced can only enter the Advanced level.



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